What you didn’t know about Morocco

Many people get excited when they do a Morocco Tour without knowing anything about this country. I understand that this fact could be not real but in many situations it may happen. Discovering the unknown and traveling to Morocco without doing any previous research about the best places or surprises that you can find could have its positive and negative aspects.

What I recommend is to find a Morocco Tour operator and pick your Tours of Morocco that you like the best, but if you like to take risks you can get enough information by reading this article with some interesting facts about this country.

There are traditional things about Morocco that we can distinguish around the world. The typical red hats that you see in the movies and also the famous TV show: the Simpson, are originated in Fez.

If you decide to take Tours in Morocco you surely will want to visit Sahara’s desert. When you get there you could be really surprised by the fact that there are nomad’s family walking over Sahara desert, with their millenary traditions; yes, they are real, they exist and you can see them. Just imagine that you will be able to see them and share a culture different than yours, you will be excited to be in this place.

Among these places and cultures, traditions are here. If we had to define any country, that definition will be given by its traditions. One of the Moroccan traditions is serving tea, the typical drink In Morocco. Moroccan throw water, using the kettle, so it impacts the glass (full of sugar and mints) until it makes foam. This is a symbol of education, so, if you decide to do Tours in Morocco, when you take a break, do not be surprised by looking at how they serve tea in a different way.

Talking about this topic –Moroccan culture-, there could be a few things that make you feel uncomfortable or seem weird to you due to they are not typical in your country of birth. The fact is that in Arabic countries, it’s normal to see men holding hands, or looking at a group of friends hugging walking on the street; these are the friendship symbols and it does not deal with homosexuality.

So, if you are walking on Morocco streets, try to avoid looking at people in a bad way because you may be incommoding someone just for not knowing a little more about their culture and manners. And the thing is that when you do Tours of Morocco you learn many things and people teach you knew things like opening your mind to new experiences and understanding more another cultures.

Feel free to ask question if you have doubts. You should make all questions you want to your favorite Morocco travel agency or to any person that is going to be the guide in the Morocco Trips. If you know enough information you will not have embarrassing moments, because it is good to remember that Arabic culture is quite different than other cultures. As I told you, it is good to know everything before arriving to the country.

Fortunately, here I taught some interesting facts that you definitely need to take into account when you do a trip to Morocco. So here you have a list of interesting facts that people from Morocco will be happy to share with you. Since drinking tea like them until understanding that people here are affectionate between each other will make you be a better person and of course an open minded person.