Lookeen Outshines Outlook Search

Everything seems to be digital these days. The collections of books, records, or even letters are now all mostly found in digital formats. Things that once required a whole room for storage can now fit practically into the palm of your hand. This has made a good search tool a priority in the time of all things digital. Like many, I needed something that went above and beyond what Windows Search could do. I needed something that would work with my desktop, but also whip my Outlook Searches into shape. I finally stumbled across Lookeen Desktop Search, and may never look back again.


Lookeen is not only a wonderful and powerful desktop search tool, after installation it becomes integrated into your Outlook interface. This was important for me, as I find that Outlook’s search tool always falls short of what I need. Email is a huge part of my day, and sometimes looking for old emails can be a cumbersome task with Outlook and Windows. Not with Lookeen Desktop Search. It will not only search your emails, it will search for attachments, appointments, tasks, notes, contacts or even your calendar entries. The days of typing something in and not getting the results you need are over.


Lookeen Desktop Search is a very fast solution for your Outlook searches. With the Lookeen plug-in directly within Outlook, it is easy to access and does not require you to exit Outlook to search for the emails or attachments that you need. There is a built-in Search Bar, so all you need to do is type in the name of what you are looking for and you will see how quickly the results appear. This works in such a seamless way, you will wonder why you didn’t use Lookeen before. The good news is that Lookeen is compatible with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, and Outlook 2013, the bad news is that it does come with a price tag. I found the Lookeen Free version to be a great little tool, but for work and school, I decided the price was worth it. The results


I strongly believe that you will find that Lookeen Desktop Search has so many more additional features compared to the default Outlook Search. You have filtering options to play around with that will narrow down your searches, and will even search within the content of your emails for what you need. Also, a feature that made me really recommend this program is the fact that you can edit and save any changes to locally saved documents. Meaning you don’t have to wait for Word or Excel to open up just to fix a tiny error within a file. You can edit and save from the preview pane.


Some of you may find Lookeen Desktop Search overwhelming to use, with all its settings and options, but I found it to be the perfect tool for all my search needs, within Outlook and on my desktop.

Video Editing Software For Your Mac- Movavi!

Movavi video editor is considered as the best video editing software for Mac. It is the ideal software for those who prefer making their own video series but don’t know how to begin with the process. Insert your home movies and other videos to the plan and make some stunning footage that everyone can praise.

The user friendly tools, delete unwanted parts and chain up different part of the movie. Improve the video quality with the help of magic enhance button. The program will routinely calibrate the vividness, difference and white balance for optimal viewing. To create a special atmosphere import the audio files and then save your project in any well known OS-X format, or export them for viewing on your mobile phone.

Besides this, you can even upload your movie to YouTube, twitter, facebook or any other sharing websites by using the proper set. Suppose you have returned home after a long journey and want to tell your friends and relatives about the time that you have spent and the places you have visited- make a slideshow from your travel images.


All these work can be done with the Movavi video editor. It is easy to use and user friendly. Along with your photos import the folder into the program, insert some good music and fades, now save the slideshow as a video file and ask your friends to gather around the Mac and have fun watching your creation. Apart from this you can even unite the videos and images into a single movie between the video sections. Add the photos as cut-ins. You don’t need to have any special knowledge or skill to make high class slideshows or videos with Movavi editing software.

You may also become a real movie director with such perceptive interface, which possess a professional look. All you have to do is to download this software and install it.

The systems which you may require for this Movavi video editing software for Mac are as follows-

  • Processor-Intel based Mac computer
  • Supported operating system-Mac OS-X, Mac Snow leopard, Mac lion etc.
  • Ram with 256 MB
  • Hard disk with 1 Gb of free hard disk
  • Video card-1024*768*32 bit color

Thus video editing is fun on your Mac with Movavi. This software has assumed great importance among the youngsters as well as the professionals for video editing purposes

Tips to track a cell phone

There are all kinds of reasons out there that you are going to want to track a cell phone. One of the most popular reasons being that you lost your phone, but other popular reasons to track a cell phone include checking up on your kids or seeing what your employees are doing during business hours. Luckily, there are several different ways you can track a cell phone.

One of the easiest ways to track a cell phone is through apps made specifically for your Smartphone. Apple users will need to download Find My iPhone, while Android users need to use Android Device Manager. For those of you do not use either Apple or android, you can download a program from Samsung called Find My Mobile. The point is there is an app out there for just about everyone to use. If you can’t find an app that you like you can always use a GPS tracking service. One of the great things about using these apps to track a cell phone is in most cases they can be used without being installed on the actual phone. With Apple the app comes preinstalled in phones with iOS 5.0 or newer.spy_di111str

Now the only way to track a device with the preinstalled apps is to have the person’s personal information for their phone. The other downfall to using those particular apps is that they can also be uninstalled from the phone or even deactivated with just a few simple clicks. So in those cases, what are you supposed to do if you have the need to track a cell phone.

Another great option is the location sharing apps that many cell phone users use on a regular basis. One of the most popular apps is Facebook. Recently Facebook updated their app to allow you to check-in at various locations. This allows you to tell people where you are currently at. If you are looking to see what your children or employees are up to, you can always check out their Facebook updates or even Twitter account. You can also track a cell phone user by using an app called “Find My Friends” that is available for both iPhones and Androids.


Now all of the above examples show you different ways to track a cell phone with the owner’s permission. As a parent you already know that your child is probably not going to willing share information with you about their cell phone, so you might need to track them without their knowledge. If this is that the case your best option is to use a program called MySpyApp. With this program your children will never even know the app is installed and you as a parent can see everything that they are doing. With the location tracking feature you can see where your child currently is, even if they have disabled other location tracking software, plus you can access the location history of the phone to see everywhere that they have been.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Smartphone functionality advances have truly changed the products, which makes them very convenient nowadays. Regardless of whether you love hearing music or making up ground the most recent videos and films, share photos as well as other business files and documents, now you can do all of it from the given location and at any time if you have a smartphone. Producers still unveil more advances with each and every new device they introduce on the market and also the future looks only better with this industry. The Samsung Universe S6 Edge is among the mobile phones you’ll find on the market and has turned into a popular device due to a couple of features.

The Physical Features

The smartphone works on the Android Lollipop operating-system and it has an interior memory of 32GB and 3GB RAM. Calculating 5.1 inches and weighing 132 g, it is a device that you’ll enjoy using and transporting along with you every single day for your requirements.

This smartphone may be the world’s first phone with dual edge display. The display is thermoformed in a way it produces a built-in edge screen that may bend to provide a classified pioneering design that just proves the highest excellence of the device. The edges are curved for much better grips and examine enhancement. The bend provides a view that’s a lot more like a widescreen TV view making every experience enjoyable.

It features a near invisible bezel on screen design that provides greater use of a lot of phone screen area and simultaneously also improves the customers viewing experience. This product has vibrant vivid images in most light conditions and it has enhanced outside visibility to take advantage in sunlight atmosphere perfectly. It features a high pixel density of 577ppi to provide that ultimate viewing experience of a location and also at any time no matter the elements conditions.


Samsung Universe S6 Edge includes a rapid voice command response. This can be a feature that helps you save sufficient time and energy you might have used touching the different buttons to gain access to the features and functions that you’ll require. You are able to personalize the unit utilizing a nickname after which give instructions. There is a feature very useful, particularly in situations where movement continues to be restricted.

While using smartphone, communication continues to be come to another level. You are able to color code your preferred contact on edge screen to ensure that when you are getting notices you are able to tell from who they really are by using the colours. This means that you could find out the contact for just about any email, skipped call or message you obtain even if your phone is face lower. The advantage screen is certainly convenient and intuitive offering an event that is not loved before.

Additional features

It features a highly capable camera offering brilliant vibrant photos that you could also track moving subjects and have the best photos ever. It’s fast charging technology with 10 mins of charge controlling for everyone you not less than four hrs. Get you samsung repaired today at the nice http://repairs.handtec.co.uk/select-a-make/samsung.html.

Exposure With Animated Video Production

The advanced technology today gave many people, especially companies the risk of making themselves heard, or marketing their professional services online through micro blogging for example Twitter, Posterous and Tumblr profile creation in Facebook, Google  and LinkedIn animated video production online, Vimeo and Veoh. Not agree?

With this, we’ll concentrate on web video production. Advertising items with animated videos are becoming increasingly popular nowadays, not only on television but additionally online. You will find numerous websites that permit their customers to create their videos using either pre-made animated figures or downloaded images. However, to be able to stick out and make your web presence, you will find important steps you have to consider. Some good examples are highlighted below…

Building Online Exposure with Animated Video Production:

• Introduce your company – give a free account of methods your company began. Although, there might be several things you need to inform your audiences, it might be better to stay with the main parts. Inspire them by telling the obstacles or tests you need to cope with. Then add funny parts within the animation, this won’t make sure they are laugh, however they will have the ability to relate how honest you shipped the content.

• The Simple – mass confusion is really a large NO if this involves delivering your message. It is advisable to give simple yet relevant details regarding your services where individuals can be cultivated their rely upon you. It’s important to allow them to help you not as somebody who is attempting to squeeze money from their store, but someone who is actually devoted to assist future clients.

• Place in A Chuckle – as pointed out within the first example, add funny parts. Typically the most popular striking animated video productions will be the ones that provide laughter to individuals making them feel great. You should use fundamental stick figures or outlines.

• Put Quality Audio – web video production may go without voice or audio, as lengthy because they possess the pictures. However, to improve the emotion connected together with your video, particularly if you desired to deliver complicated messages, it is advisable to invest on quality music or audio. You might hire voice-over artists or narrator with this.

• Get Commendation – you might brag non-stop about how exactly amazing your items and services are, but one method to genuinely have a effective exposure online is to buy short video recommendations out of your clients regarding their knowledge about the services you provide.

• Plan a great Story – the plot is among the primary factors that drive your production. You have to target to entertain your audiences and future clients with unique and inventive ideas. Plan the script, story board and just how the animated video need to look like. Furthermore, in the finish from the project, always remember to examine the entire factor for just about any revisions prior to going live.

Although animated video productions are mainly made up of cartoon figures and the like, you have to remember to help keep the honesty behind the content you need to convey, this really is one means by making an impact together with your future clients and also to build having faith in relationship towards them. Learn more about Animated Video Production.

IT Support Companies

To handle any company empire effectively, you need to consider several things including accessibility to assets, co-ordination of staff and organization from it infrastructure. As computer systems have grown to be an unavoidable facet of any company thus, seamless services from it support information mill highly needed to solve technical the process of it. Technology allows you to definitely access work emails and files from the location but any technical issue will hamper your projects to some large degree. Therefore, you should hire an apt technical support provider to ensure that your intricacies can be simply handled and resolved. Perform a complete researching the market before selecting the main one.

IT support companies their very own methods in addition to system to resolve client’s need. They provide huge quantity of services for controlling various kinds of such things as server, network, data, desktop etc. To be able to choose which is the greatest, you need to search for certain features.

Respond rapidly to intricacies

In almost any business, intricacies can happen anytime. If you work with advanced technology for the business then technical problems may arise. Any latest software or OS needs proper tech support team to ensure that it may work without facing any threat. With this, your technical support Company ought to be extremely swift to deal with individuals issues. Any delay can lead to a large trouble. The organization you’re employing ought to be outfitted with appropriate tools to grip the problem inside a smart manner. A great IT support provider knows the need for their client’s some time and thus, handles urgent intricacies timely.

Deliver tremendous technical support

The only goal from it support companies would be to provide excellent tech support team. But, beyond this they ought to understand their responsibility for just about any business they’re dealing with and for that reason, they must be competent to offer more for their clients. Common intricacies like fixing desktop problems, recovery of lost emails or printer problems etc. have to be handled every day. Clearly, if you’re employing any organization they should stick out in the crowd of other technical support companies. Also, these businesses must train the company employees to make use of the IT systems effectively.

Good experience in the market

Regardless of how much you express it is trivial, experience may be the backbone of technical industry. If you select an IT support company for solving your intricacies then make certain they’ve experience within this area. Thus, you have to look into the good reputation for the organization you’re selecting. Their expertise allow them to comprehend the technical condition in a much better way.

Quality with cost

This really is another essential aspect while searching for an apt IT support provider. You’ll find several IT support companies supplying seamless services but they are certainly not reasonable. Hence, you need to choose one that will fix intricacies affordable.

So, do think about the above things while making your decision!! Visit this IT Support London website.

Online Website Builder

A effective website builder can help you create a website in a few minutes the best of this is this fact convenience really comes in a much reduced cost. Very attractive websites could be constructed with utmost of ease which would serve your individual or professional purpose too. The characteristics from the website builder can help you decide upon yourself the way it would look and also the type of programs it might run.

Take a look at some options that come with website builder:

Drag and drop – Your site could be ready to go very quickly using the simple to use and easy to customize HTML editor. All that you should do may be the usual drag and drop you understand.

Templates and pictures – An array of attractive styles of templates to choose 1000’s of images are for sale to you to definitely tamper with and modify the style of your site. You may make it according to your liking.

Easy to customize email account – Not just is it possible to personalize your site, but the email. It will help you develop top quality email options.

Twenty-four hours a day support – It is crucial that the website hosting provider which has offered the online tools for creating a website supports you for solving your queries.

Plans for building website

The builder tools for website will help you take full advantage of neglect the, whether you want to create a personal website or require a premium arrange for large websites. The help offered vary in line with the essentials from the different clients using the services. Some free tools and services that exist using the various plans include defense against virus and junk e-mail within the emails, ad free website hosting, social networking integration with blog, ecommerce features, maps, videos, photos, expensive, internet search engine enhanced webpages plus much more.

Besides it assist you to develop a attractive website at economical cost, you’ll be able to achieve this with no technical experience of the identical. All that you should have is a straightforward to make use of but effective in execution website builder tool using the guidance of tech support team from proficient males of the website hosting company.

Creating an internet site could not have been simpler with this particular tool available. It’s worth observing that whenever they’re buying domain title, a novice to website design might have everything applying this tool, a thing that otherwise might have taken many years of skill development and experience. Check out this amazing free website maker http://mobirise.net/.

Keylogger and Spy Software

Malware continues to be point of interest on most knowledgeable computer customers lately for a lot of reasons. You cannot help but find out about Keylogger and Spy Software whenever you open a pc magazine or read a web-based tech manual. While more customers comprehend the risks these software components pose many don’t realize what their fundamental functions are. Let us spend a couple of minutes looking at these products to create new customers up to date and help remind experienced customers of what they’re facing.

A Keylogger is easily the most common type of Spy Software used on the web for collecting information. It had been initially produced for benign reasons however it was taken over for id theft along with other crimes. You need to keep in mind that software of the type has only one function once triggered. This function would be to monitor all key strokes out of your keyboard and report on their behavior to some specified source.

Miracle traffic bot isn’t malicious for the reason that it doesn’t infect your pc with destructive coding and makes very couple of or no changes for your system. The designers would like it to stay undetected as lengthy as you possibly can. Which means that it’s developed and designed for couple of system assets as you possibly can therefore reducing the risk of a person realizing it.

However not every cases of a Keylogger can be harmful ones. While Spy Software has got the capacity to perform a large amount of damage with nasty unwanted effects it is also accustomed to perform a large amount of good. Companies, houses, along with other organizations might need to keep close track of whose utilizing their computer systems as well as for what purpose. Whilst not a complete computer monitoring suite programs of the type may be used to effectively monitor key stroke activity.

It capacity of the Keylogger is restricted towards the systems keyboard. Clicks aren’t recorded and therefore for that Spy Software to operate correctly an individual must make use of the keyboard to go in information. Hitting saved sites or removing files won’t be recorded unless of course you utilize another type of monitoring software. The risks and the advantages of this kind of program could be layed out in 2 groups very easily.

Companies take advantage from it to watch their workers and stop industrial, corporate, or financial sabotage. Smaller businesses utilize it to watch if their workers are utilizing company computer systems for unauthorized personal entertainment. Finally parents and families may use it to watch their children’s web usage or monitor computer usage generally. This last item particularly is one thing that lots of parents have completed in the past few years using the internet being so easily accessible.

Around the downside you can use it easily to achieve an individuals private information once placed on a piece of equipment. While recent advances in protection software happen to be managed to get continues to be a really real threat to careless and not really prepared customers. Any information joined out of your ssn to your money password could be drenched and delivered to another party without your understanding.

The ways to use Keylogger Spy Software are lots of both negative and positive. Nonetheless its practical uses far over-shadow the harm that it may cause and that’s why the program type is not outlawed. Enjoy it or hate it the program type will probably be around for any very long time in the future both like a malware infection so that as the best tool to watch internet usage. Check out this great Keylogger.

Popularize Your App

Together with the iOS, Android is among the most lucrative mobile platform. While Apple may be the dominant player in america along with other developing marketplaces, Android mobiles have a big subscriber base around the globe. So, developing an application for Android may be beneficial. However with over 600,000 applications, google’s Play application store is a straightforward spot for the application to obtain lost. Around the application store, 100s of recent applications are clamoring for attention every single day. How can you help make your application stick out? Listed here are three methods for you to popularize your application on the internet Play.

Parallel Application Marketing with Development

Don’t hold back until a person finishes developing the application – start marketing as the development process is happening. Minimal you should do is generate a website concerning the blog. You are able to promote the idea of your blog on social networking sites. Going a step further, you are able to write articles, guest posts, and reviews on subjects and items associated with the Android application that you’re building. This should help you gain visibility on the web and get people to acquainted with the thought of your application.

Get lots of tongues wagging regarding your application before you decide to release you and it can rely on a powerful start after launch. But all of the promotion that you simply do through social networking and blog posting must be pertinent. Writing plenty of blogs on lifestyle blogs will not be very helpful if you’re creating a company application. Similarly, marketing a games or entertainment application on LinkedIn might not be a wise idea: Twitter and facebook could be more helpful in this situation.

Search engine optimization for Google Play Page

Once you have posted the application, it’ll have its very own page around the Google Play store. Lots of people will achieve this site with the links inside your articles, blogs and social networking updates. You’ve only a couple of seconds to share the worth of the application. With this, all the details in this article needs to be perfect. To be able to allow the customers, title your application smartly – the title should clearly reflect the objective of the application. Also, produce a memorable and engaging icon to represent your application. Pepper the page rich in-resolution screenshots from the application.

As you don’t have much space for content around the page, you’ve got to be very careful using the key phrases you utilize. The very best practice is applying broad search phrases associated with your application and it is choices. Make use of a simple description with summary sentences to share all the details concerning the application rapidly.

Involve the employees, Buddies and Family

The initial few days on the internet Play can do or die your application. Not necessarily, but they’re still crucial. Many people installing applications consider the rankings of the application. Google’s Play store may also keep close track of the number of downloads you are receiving within the first couple of days. It will likewise track the rankings. In case your application will get a great number of downloads and it has good rankings, there’s an opportunity that it’ll go within the Top list on Trending, Top Selling or Staff Picks section.

Request your buddies, team and family to provide 5-star rankings towards the applications, and let them know to request their buddies to complete exactly the same. Ensure a higher quantity of downloads by asking for reliable individuals to download the application. Keep close track of negative reviews and then try to rapidly remove any bugs which have crept in to the application. If one makes it towards the features lists, the recognition of the application will skyrocket and you may are hoping to make a large splash on the internet Play. Get a nice promotion of android app on fiverr.