Designing an SEO Friendly Website

In the event you consider internet search engine optimisation after or before the launch of the website? Website optimisation is an important a part of website creating process. Should you entirely concentrate on the aesthetic aspects and consumer experience while creating your brand-new website, it might have serious effects around the digital success of the brand.

Consider it by doing this, if you are spending 1000’s of dollars to get your site superbly created by an internet design agency, do you want to waste your money and additional time to change the website design to be able to fit your optimisation and small business? Most likely that’s not recommended! Search engine optimization is definitely an ongoing activity and also you must incorporate optimisation techniques throughout the website design tactic to develop a more efficient website. Listed here are five dimensions to bear in mind when creating a Search engine optimization friendly website.

#1. Choose discoverable but unique website name

A great Search engine optimization strategy and linguistic design practice begin with selecting your own domain name for the site that is memorable, consider, look for and navigate on the internet. Your website name will affect your internet search engine ranking. Follow four golden rules while choosing a brandname website name – short, simple to type, unique and keyword-based. It’s a sound practice to incorporate keyword although not multiple key phrases inside your website name. Research conducted recently has says the co-relation between website name and keyword is rather high. A precise keyword match in website name has greater likelihood of ranking full of search engines like google. Buy your own domain name that can help you develop successful story.

#2. User-friendly link structures

Exactly what does, inside your opinion, constitutes a website ‘crawlable’? A crawlable website includes a large number of quality links that may be easily discovered by internet search engine bots. Creating internet search engine-friendly link structures is considered important while creating an internet site. In case your website lacks proper link structure, search engines like google won’t yield appropriate results, and you wouldn’t want this to occur together with your website. If you are targeting certain key phrases, do make certain your internal links have individuals key phrases within the anchor-text and put them at the very top within the HTML.

#3. Search engine optimization enhanced content

Web metrics employed by search engines like google give unparalleled combination to the caliber of content inside a website. The information present throughout your site is always individually distinct of search engines like google. An internet site can’t be deployed with blank webpages. Your site should have quality content prior to it being made live on the web. Make certain the information you provide towards the designer for putting online is seen and indexable towards the search crawlers. Prepare text according to important key phrases (try not to do keyword stuffing) before uploading online. The look or video description, page game titles and meta descriptions ought to be enhanced to really make it simpler for the web site to show up searching results.

#4. Responsive website design

Well, who does not learn about responsive website design – a phrase that exploded within the digital forefront in early 2012. Basically, responsive website design (RWD) means your webpages will reformat themselves based on different screen dimensions they’re being shown on. Ask your internet design agency to build up a responsive website for the business if you wish to flourish in SERPs. But what is the Search engine optimization advantage of responsive website design? From an Search engine optimization perspective, a responsive design is the perfect option since it becomes simpler for Google or any other search engines like google to crawl and index website content. Responsive websites have lower bounce rate as in comparison to individuals websites that aren’t responsive. With RWD you simply need to focus your Search engine optimization on a single single site.

#5. Integrate social networking into website

An excellent Search engine optimization friendly website must include social networking because it directly affects your Search engine optimization efforts. Search engines like google tend to be thinking about the social recognition of the business. Integration of social channels to your website improves ranking and conveys that your site is credible. When social networking is integrated correctly to your website, the Search engine optimization-social networking synergism can drive increased traffic aimed at your website and capture more leads.
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Link Building Tips

Backlink building is among the cornerstones of effective Search engine optimization. Google along with other search engines like google give lots of weight to links from authoritative sites because they recognize them as votes. The greater links you receive from authoritative sites, the greater your ranking.

Backlink building is generally a struggle and you must do it to get greatest results. To assist you, listed here are tips you need to put in consideration that you should build the best links:

Be Fun And Consistent

Individuals don’t like boring content therefore, you need to create content which has a spontaneity. When you choose to make use of humor, you ought to be consistent inside your efforts. For instance, you should not produce a humorous article today after which produce a boring, corporate article tomorrow. When you are consistent you’ll develop a brand which is advantageous for your company.

Research has proven that lots of individuals don’t like reading through therefore, you need to include as numerous visual aspects as you possibly can. The best pictures that you ought to choose are: videos, charts, and infographics.

Make The Most Of Mentions From Trustworthy Brands

Are you currently pointed out by trustworthy brands, however they haven’t linked back? You need to contact the brands and request them for attribution. If you do not be aware of brands which have pointed out you, you will find many online tools which you can use that will help you with this. You may also perform a random Search and you’ll identify numerous mentions.

Have A Look At The Rivals

You’ll certainly have rivals that are superior to you. You need to survey them and discover the websites that they’re getting their links from. As guideline you need to follow their backlink building methods because they are most certainly doing the best things.

Do Guest Blogging

Guest blogging happens when you submit your blog publish to a different site, apart from yours. A great method to build links, but you must do it sensibly. To improve your ranking, you need to be sure that the site you’re posting your blog publish to is trustworthy. It’s also wise to be sure that the website is in your niche.


Backlink building is an extremely good at growing your research results ranking when done correctly. To safeguard your website from getting punished you need to avoid bad backlink building methods for example bombarding.
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SEO Internet Marketing – Only Invest What You Can Afford to Lose




Before you start on your SEO Internet Marketing campaign, have a good think about what you can afford to lose. You can’t just dip your toe and expect results… but nor can you dive in the deep end because you never know if your first try will actually be successful. There is always some middle ground for investment, and so think about what you can afford to lose.


When I was twenty-three I had $100 I could afford to lose. Any more than that would have been too much. I was happy to throw the business cards away and write the idea off as a lesson learned and that would be that. I was happy to use my lunch breaks and other spare time to see if my idea would fly.




I call this the ‘casino rule’: if you want to enjoy your time in a casino and gamble away some of your hard-earned cash then you need to follow this one simple rule so it will be fun and not a terrible experience. Walk into the casino with a designated amount of cash you are happy to lose, let’s say $20. Then start on very small gambles, on the five and ten cent machines, to build up your reserves and then take any winnings you can. Do not risk any win with the temptation of the double or nothing option; take any win no matter how small. Once you have back your original $20, put it in your pocket and leave it there; that’s for the cab home. Then gamble with the profits. Once they have gone or you’re bored, go home. Please note, I do not gamble and in no way do I think it’s a good idea, nor do I want you to take my gambling advice as literal—it’s just a story. Your SEO Internet Marketing campaign should be treated in the same way as your gamble at the Casino.


I share these two seemingly unrelated stories to illustrate the same point. The entrepreneur/small business owner’s journey is really hard and you will make mistakes. I could write a very big book about all my mistakes. I know what it’s like to make money and go broke. I have learned some things along the way that ensure I mitigate as much risk in every business decision as possible. Don’t invest more into your idea than you are prepared to lose. For example, if you have a great business idea that requires you to borrow $100,000 dollars, make sure you have that cash in reserve somewhere so if it goes to custard then you pay the debt and move onto another idea.

When your business can afford to pay you back, then do it. Invest your profits in growing the business. If you can afford to build a basic website to see how things go then that’s all you do. If you can’t afford $5,000 per month on a slick SEO Internet Marketing campaign then don’t do it. If you can only afford to run a PPC/AdWords campaign for a month to see how things go then do that, just set a figure in stone and don’t chase the losses. Casinos make all their money from gamblers chasing their losses. They lose $1000 so they spend another $5,000 trying to win back the $1000.



One last thing – Don’t Quit Your Day Job


If you remember, I didn’t quit my job to figure out if the idea was any good. This one is important; most small businesses fail in the first twelve months. Statistically it’s very likely you will have some false starts, so keep whatever you do for an income now so you can eat and keep a roof over your head. An online business is perfect because you can work on it after hours and in your spare time. If your idea is rubbish then you will find out soon enough. You then will generally be able to start understanding more and more about what will be successful for your business, what works, and what doesn’t. Once you have this understanding, there will generally come a time when you will feel that your new business is getting some traction, and that more of your time and energy will help it to grow even more. But don’t forget to lay that foundation down strong. And once that you are looking to boost your success even more, it may even be the time to invest in a professional SEO Internet Marketing campaign. If you want to know more visit our website,


SEO Software for 2016

What’s Search engine optimization software? Well, it’s the software designed for the current Internet market. It’s high-quality functions, and what’s much more important, it can make a powerful distinction between failure and success. A great solution for searching for your engine and making good quality marketing results. Without a doubt, miracle traffic bot activly works to improve better search performance of the website. As the web gets more competitive, the effective techniques of those programs are improving and growing. These are the things it provides: domains, pr, backlink building, advertising, keyword selection, and much more.

What software is right for the approaching year?

Web Search engine optimization is stated is the best Search engine optimization software as it is designed to suit all of your Search engine optimization needs. It consists of lots of tools that will help you find all that’s necessary on the internet. Also, these power tools manage the key phrases you need. If you want miracle traffic bot in your Mac, this really is, regrettably, impossible since it is made just for the Home windows operating-system. Miracle traffic bot is granted Top Reviews Gold Award. It is built to provide you with the better of backlink building and management, keyword optimisation, competitor analysis, and gratifaction confirming.

There’s also Moz, that is a top Search engine optimization tool provider. Additionally, it provides a keyword generator (it informs you which ones phrases are delivering the traffic you aren’t monitoring), research tools, and link analysis. There’s even the listing of choices for the beginners. To be able to help you produce all of your Search engine optimization program, you will find several lessons demonstrating how Moz functions. Miracle traffic bot also offers the keyword suggestion tool, making the web site searching faster.

Choosing What Matches your needs

Besides both of these, the best Search engine optimization software that needs to be pointed out are Semrush, SEOmasters, and Traffic Travis. When determining with an Search engine optimization software program, you should think about benefiting from opinions using their company website proprietors on which Search engine optimization programs they will use for site optimisation. It’s also wise to make the most of free tests when they’re offered. These free tests can be used “test runs” to permit you some time to acquaint yourself using the software. You usually want to find the software that’s user-friendly and reliable. Regardless, seo is extremely essential for any web site or web-based business.

To conclude, Search engine optimization software is the greatest solution for individuals who would like the greatest ranking of the websites. If you would like your site visited every single day, install a few of these, and also you will not be wrong. Search faster, provide faster, find the proper links and addresses and not waste time. The way forward for seo is guaranteed and will be an important necessity for that survival associated with a website. Wonderful its benefits provided to support your engine searching in the perfect way.
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What SEO Experts Can

Seo involves plenty of tools and methods to attain good results. Because it’s possible that you should handle the procedure by yourself but still perform a congrats, you might like to hire professionals to obtain everything done. Professionals tend to be more experienced using the Search engine optimization tools and can work their finest to enable you to get the preferred results together with your online brand. They will help you by helping cover their various things, such as the following.

1. They’ll evaluate your niche

The truth is different companies also have different needs if this involves Search engine optimization. Finding your niche is most likely probably the most important steps you can take for the business. With experts, you can be certain to head to the best niche and market your site to specific marketplaces enhancing your ranks along the way. Professionals works on identifying your competitors and other associated issues to approach Search engine optimization in the easiest way possible.

2. They’ll take a look at keyword

Obviously, if you wish to be located easily from internet search engine results, key phrases are important. Customers use given phrases and words to locate what they’re searching for on the internet and also the key phrases you’ve used will therefore determine your ranking within the results. Search engine optimization experts can help you research and select the right key phrases for the type of business to enhance your visibility and ratings around the engines to ensure that you will get increased traffic to your website.

3. They’ll create back links

Links that guide customers to your company sites are essential to the given site or business. Professionals can help you choose the very best sites and authoritative sites to publish the appropriate links on how to use keyword wealthy happy to enable you to get back-link value. It may be plenty of work, however it does pay ultimately as well as your Search engine optimization company are designed for everything in your account to provide the expected results.

4. They’ll research and evaluate campaigns

Nothing could be worse for just about any business than jumping right into a campaign without identifying content, effectiveness and impact. There’s not just a have to take a look at campaign carefully, but additionally an excellent have to evaluate the campaign results simply to observe how effective it had been and just what changes ought to be made later on to improve conversions and traffic. Social networking systems are the best campaign tools, but it may be quite hectic to maintain relevant posts, updates and marketing campaigns simultaneously. However, Search engine optimization experts come with an simpler time handling the most difficult campaigns to enable you to get the greatest results in achieving your objectives.

5. They’ll manage Pay-per-click

PPC is an extremely effective marketing or marketing strategy since it earns traffic. It however, must be contacted carefully to find the best to become accomplished and Search engine optimization services from trustworthy firms will help you by using it to ensure that you will get value in the finish.
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Get Traffic Fast

Must you get traffic aimed at your website fast? You may be testing something or you want to increase your business rapidly. Well compensated traffic would be the best route for you personally. You can choose PPC, Facebook advertisements or Solo advertisements.

PPC is not something I personally use and so i cannot discuss that method, however i often hear it’s getting costly and Bing is becoming very selective, not permitting certain items and advertisements to become proven. Many accounts happen to be closed lower.

Facebook advertisements are fairly simple to really place, however it needs time to work to understand to ensure they are really effective using the best combination when choosing who’ll begin to see the advertisements.

Solo advertisements are quick, easy and bring traffic within hrs of placing the ad. It’s your email that’ll be delivered to perspective clients through the solo ad seller the moment an order is positioned and decided to. You buy the ad as clicks(site visitors aimed at your website).

Therefore success from the advert is based on the option of their email list supplied by the vendor. If he supplies a good way to obtain responsive prospects, and also the free offer you’re supplying is nice value and appealing you can include many names for your list. These those who have “signed up” for your provide you with can email future purports to. Your email sequence can help you make sales. You’ll have heard it stated “it’s all regulated within the list”.

To guard your-self only purchase from good Solo ad retailers purchase from a devoted website where retailers are supervised and clients leave comments about the prosperity of the lists they’re buying.

You will find some solo-ad groups on Facebook or take a look at forums. Make sure to browse the success comments before buying. Solo advertisements perform best whenever you lure prospects to participate your list by providing a top quality appealing free offer instead of something they need to buy. They do not know your items at this time and could not trust you. Gain their trust by delivering emails, follow-track of a string of content and selling emails.

E-mail marketing is definitely an art learn for the greatest results. Your prospects need to know you’re a reliable individual who offers good items that fulfil their demands, prior to being ready to spend their hard-gained cash.
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About SEO Services

Understanding Search engine optimization-

Seo is a vital tool for marketing. Search engines like google like Yahoo and google develop calculations that determine the ranking of websites on their own engine. To be able to secure a higher ranking, and to really make it to the peak outcomes of the internet search engine, it’s important to achieve the content online enhanced based on Search engine optimization trends.

Exactly what do Search engine optimization service companies do?

Seo is definitely an art. While you’ll be able to develop an in-house department to consider proper care of the Search engine optimization needs of the business, outsourcing these to an Search engine optimization company is really a more economically wise move. These service companies undertake various services for example redecorating the website, tailoring the information therein to satisfy Search engine optimization standards, and many other Search engine optimization related services. Ultimately, the effect of a good Search engine optimization service package would be that the internet search engine ranking of the page is elevated significantly. The very best Search engine optimization services even enable a website to become featured on page one of the internet search engine.

Search engine optimization Service Trends –

A few of the popular trends which have popped in Search engine optimization services include –

• Focusing more about technical components and elements.

• Using content marketing they are driving and see the ratings on search engines like google.

• Optimizing websites for meeting the intent from the user.

• Mobile connectivity and optimisation.

• Mentioning and mentioning to brands and stating popular brand words wherever necessary, to be able to perform better around the internet search engine ranking scale.

• Understanding the significance of backlink building, because websites can no more function in isolation.

• Social Networking Optimisation, that has absorbed the standard way of identifying the rank of the website.

• Connecting a website to as numerous social networking profiles from the business as you possibly can, and therefore, building increased traffic.

• Staying away from falling prey to negative Search engine optimization, because it arrives with penal effects, and it is therefore able to undoing all of the progress that positive Search engine optimization methods have accomplished.

• Interlinking and integrating Search engine optimization marketing with other parts of marketing.

• Getting open discussions using the client regarding talents and weak points, thus making improvement a great deal simpler.

• Better promotion of the business while increasing in subscriber base, which consequently enhances profit and revenue for that enterprise, regardless of its size.

• Development in client satisfaction, and growth and development of goodwill one of the community where the clients are established. It is among the important thing to remember for everybody.

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Changes of Ranking Factors Through History

an analysis of searchmetrics’ study by Referencement PME, SEO Montreal.

Using the latest survey of Searchmetrics, the different Google information are usually sophisticated than previously. Inside the 4th annual survey of ranking factors using the formula within the world’s leading internet internet internet search engine, was examined the outcome within the top 30 reference demands per 10 000 key phrases and phrases including 300,000 sites. Based on Marcus Tober, founding father of Searchmetrics, the outcome only see the trends introduced forever of the year. “We must try to understand the intentions of clients creating a geniune, relevant as well as other content it’s worth more than previously …… It’s also apparent that the need for back-links still weaken. (Mr. Tober)” Later on, the proportion of request search from “mobile products” continuously grow, and you’ll be interesting to search for the outcomes this might wear ratings.

A few in the factors are perceived very positively by searching within the sights of positioning: including ·         Ergonomics “mobile” sites·         social signals for example tweets, G   along with the “I like” from Facebook (although Google declines it)·         The trunk links, whose energy will decrease, certainly. About netlinking I mention immediately the study finds the effectiveness of all the different anchors and the need for the quantity of nofollow BL.

The research concentrates on three primary parameters:

Essential technical factors for the Google positioning.

In comparison to last year, the particular domain title searches volume elevated. Marks are frequently better rated relevant for this research due to their natural visibility, but more strangely enough, we understand that brand queries, without or that has a lot more key phrases and phrases, ultimately influence the outcome of unbranded research.

Other positive factors for the visibility in the website

The research highlights the standards that “I’ve completed” forever.·         how frequently of Mind lines, (in addition to H1 and meta description)·         short rewritten URL (they’d cost 1000’s of key phrases and phrases!)·         along with the display speed within the site clearly conveyed by Google. Finally, it’s determined the HTTPS file file file encryption (the very first time considered during this study) posseses an positive effect on the location within the sites within the SERP, only for websites that process sensitive data (transactions, payment, passwords, etc)…

The “Domaine Names key phrases and phrasesInch are not any more the main advantage for positioning since they was once formerly. If in 2014, only 9% within the top 30 URL incorporated a keyword in their domain title, this figure fell to six % this season.Lastly, that is no real surprise, the proportion of Pricey sites is substantially reduced the first three pages within the SERP both on pc systems as well as on mobile.

Factors associated with buyer experience

The architecture and structure are important, for crawlability bots for Google too for buyer experience.

The ergonomic and internal links in the site are very important within the ratings because they are associated with: ·         the bounce rate,·         time spent on the internet portal. We presently realize that onpage quality work can modify everything. Last year, there’s been 131 internal links within the top ratings, this season, the figure increases to 150. This is also true for the optimisation of items for example responsive design, font size, along with the interactive elements (buttons, links, forms). Bulleted lists also seem to become validating factors they’re found in 1 / 2 of the very best 2 sites but another forty percent within the top 30.


Yet although everybody recognizes that the amount of images helps in performance ranking, the amount of sites showing videos fell in 2014. Searchmetrics also determined that lots of ads hurt the ranking.

Factors connected while using information.

The information within the pages classified top 30 deepened. The standard amount of words based in the best 10 pages is 1285 (twenty five percent at least a year ago). The information can also be less complex and even more holistic. A lot more sites base their texts on lexical area using specific and relevant terms. The strict idea of key phrases and phrases is marketing greatly, like the technical side of websites. Searchmetrics found that the proportion of pages attempting to position obtaining a rigid keyword by putting it within the lumbering way fell, mainly within the 5. However, the interior links anchor keeps its importance within your Website. see the initial article in French :  The entire study accessible here (  great infographics uncovers its important parts.

Local Business Link Building

Local Company Search engine optimization isn’t this kind of easy factor to complete. It will take considerable time, effort and assets. We all can agree that backlink building is among the most significant aspects of seo. However, without good Search engine optimization you cannot expect good ranking. Local company proprietors need special local company Search engine optimization that’s slightly not the same as regular Search engine optimization. This local company Search engine optimization process involves optimisation of web sites which are focused to enhance ranking in search engines like google of local character. If you’re searching for a method to enhance the visibility of the local company within the search engines like google and also to build helpful back-links, I would recommend following a few of these tips.

1. Develop associations with local influential people

This can be a struggle, but when it’s carried out correctly, it’ll certainly repay. The very first factor you must do is to discover these folks and see if they’d like to strengthen your business or otherwise. Business proprietors usually stay with journalists and writers. Make use of the local news, government websites and also the websites of the rivals to locate some influential people. You can refer to them as and begin a relationship together. A number of them is going to be glad that will help you free of charge while some will request for a small fee or some kind of compensation.

2. Synergy together with your partners

Just in case you’ve got a small local company that sells items using their company companies, you’ll be able to speak to your partners and request these to list your company online. Obviously, your info and link will be provided within their partner’s list. This can be a legitimate and incredibly efficient method to enhance your ranking since these bigger producers and wholesale suppliers allow us high-ranking websites. What this means is you will get a hyperlink from the website rich in domain authority and page ranking.

3. Create a donation for many local organization

This can be a nice method for local company proprietors to exhibit they worry about the city. Most effective companies are adding with donations for a lot of causes. So, have some local organization or local club that’s supplying back-links for their contributor making a donation. Once you are done, you are able to promote the donation by yourself website.

4. Produce a hot subject watching the local business achieve this news

Developing a story of the type is difficult, but after doing a bit of research I am certain that you could develop something of that nature. Everyone loves to see blogs that may confirm their sights and anticipation. However, if you’re planning for the blogs to get viral, you could attempt to spark some debate. Obviously, attempt to remain polite, but make certain to stress your firm stance regarding things that are based on your company. This is actually the simplest method to achieve the neighborhood websites devoted to news and even perhaps national news.

As you can tell, there’s many different ways for any local company to do quality link building, but bear in mind that this can be a time-consuming job and also the answers are visible before long. Visit this company’s link building services.

How To Write SEO Articles

What’s Search engine optimization writing? What’s on-page Search engine optimization and just what are a few content tips that may be applied immediately and without needing to spend cash on the program?

I am learning Search engine optimization article writing with more experience also it does not have kind of barrier to understand apart from the individual’s own stuff. People frequently make quality Search engine optimization content by concentrating on the objective of what’s being written and exactly why the piece has been made before other things. Whenever a person decides to create Search engine optimization content before anything, a couple of situations are frequently assumed.

What’s Search engine optimization writing?

Writing which includes this…

Investigated Key phrases

Investigated Content


Follow The Link

Key phrases are frequently implemented with research that may vary in-depth, however the idea is they will discover key phrases which are specific for his or her own reasons, but they’re going to have possibility of traffic. Without the traffic, it’s essentially useless. These key phrases might have countless clicks, very couple of and they may also be produced on your own too.

Might be something

People hitting websites and doing the things they’re doing can make traffic. Everyone clicks a keyword in their own business and often this is because a collaboration that lots of people also take part in. This will make a key phrases traffic.

The information is bought for sales, eCopy, promotions, links, traffic and so forth. The information may have actionable content and become directed for any purchase. This often is more expensive thinking about its content that’ll be put on make sales directly.

The proactive approach states this, “You’d Be Better Should You Clicked on”

If you are learning something wonderful, should you understood that you need to feel well informed.

Content Tips < –This is a researched Keyword

SEO will always consider these when they are made for websites and sales. Often they are people who make different websites that have done their research for the keywords and want to increase their ranking by making some higher quality content that also applies it for promotion and being able to become visible to Google’s ranking system.

Google always changes their ranking system, although not as often as it seems. They have large updates that are determined to increase the website’s value and always reveal a reality of what the websites purpose is. This means that Google will resemble and reward websites that have content with in-depth content, which can be mirrored in SEO writing. These keywords are a part of On Page SEO that works together to create topics and themes to be realized by Google, with minor coding, unless you have a blog with a plug-in.

What is On Page SEO <—- Another Keyword

To be direct, On Page SEO puts keywords in

H1 – H2 Tags
Meta Description
Title Of The Page
The Content
Headers, footers
Submit Website – Check the webmaster tools it’ll be found

Very simple to do and it’s well-known in this time that these are the main criteria when it comes to making a page Google ready.

These are all equally valuable and should always be done without any exceptions for increasing the rank of a website and meeting Google in a partnership.

SEO Web Content ( Another Keyword )

Last sentence
A few throughout
LSI keywords ( Long tail related keywords that can add to the traffic )

LSI keywords will form themselves in a well-researched document, but if they don’t, keyword research is always available.

This is how to write SEO articles.

SEO content writers with myself included make content that varies

Web Content Writing
Article writing ( For Spamming and link building )
Article writing for Traffic
Splash Pages

This is some of the content that is built by article writing services that varies in price range and will depend on what the person wants to charge.It can cost 20-50$ for 500 words sales letters are bought for thousands. This is one of the best SEO companies.