How To Add Music To Your Video

Are you planning to add some music to your newly created video? It could that you have created a fun video with the snaps of your friends and now some peppy music would surely uplift the mood of the movie to a great extent. As the experts always say, the music adds the much needed zing to any video. You must have selected which music files to be inserted in your video & now you require the right tool to help you. Well, you can count on the video editing software programs as these help you in adding music to your video.

Here goes a brief on how you would add music to video with the help of a video editor.

In the first step, you would have to download and install the video editing software in your computer as per the installation instructions. After you install the software, you would have to bring in both the video & audio file to the program window. The software will have an option for adding the media files- click on that & get them on the software timeline. You will find separate designated tracks for video & audio files so that the files can be placed accordingly.

In the third step, you would have to adjust your music file as per the length of video file. The adjustment bit would be needed in case the audio file is longer or unnecessarily shorter in comparison to your video file. If the audio track is longer to your video, you can cut out the unwanted part while you can even double up the audio file with the editor program- in case it’s shorter to video file. When you have adjusted and added the audio file to your video, it’s time to save the complete movie as a new file. The leading editing programs enable you to save the movie in your desired multimedia format.

If you are on the lookout of a reliable video editing software program to insert music in your video file, you can count on Movavi Video Editor. Movavi is an internationally reputed award winning brand with customers scattered across 150 nations. The Movavi Video Editor program is popular for its simple operation as advanced editing features. The program even supports 180+ media presets and all major cell phone operating systems.